WaterFox - Sensorless and yield-optimized irrigation scheduling

Based on decades of proven research.

No more watering stress with WaterFox:

  • Does irrigation pay off on my bottom line?
  • When is the best time to water?
  • What is the optimal amount of water?

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Do you also struggle with these challenges?

Restrictions on irrigation

Will there even be enough water available for my farm? Politicians and environmental associations are already calling for tougher controls and regulations. At the same time, ever longer periods of drought and extreme weather events are creating new challenges.

Set an example early on and show that you are already using water efficiently with the help of WaterFox. With WaterFox, you no longer irrigate too much, but just enough to achieve the optimal yield.

WaterFox supports you with your individual requirements!

Pipe irrigation | Vegetables

Coordinate your workers

Minimize irrigation errors

Plan irrigation in a yield-optimizing way

Save energy and effort

Reduce your disease pressure

(Partly) Mobile irrigation

Prevent drought damage

Optimize the cycle start

Determine the sequence of strokes

Save working time

Consider your water quota

Drip irrigation

Document the irrigation

Prevent drought damage

Reduce your water consumption

Plan fertilization directly with

Plan irrigation to optimize growth

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WaterFox inspires our farmers, partners and the trade press

Rui Dodat

Grafenländer vegetables, Freisbach, 350 ha

"We grow about 350 hectares of vegetables with more than 20 crops and irrigate with a pipe irrigation system and sprinklers. [...] WaterFox helps us improve operations and save water in the future."

Daniel Schumacher

Schumacher vegetables, Köngen, 60 ha

The farm faces the high level of social responsibility that comes from sharing tap water for vegetable irrigation with surrounding communities and households. With WaterFox, we hope to optimize our irrigation processes while further improving our environmental impact.

Max Schliemann

Agricultural consultant of NüPA GmbH

"WaterFox [...] seems suitable for better planning my field inspections in advance. Not only does it allow me to look at individual crops in a more focused way and better check the condition of the fields, but it also allows me to give clearer advice to farmers based on individual plots."

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